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Tempers flare over Civic Centre lease renewal issue

Things got testy at Elliot Lake council over whether the city should renew leases with its tenants at the Civic Centre.  Councillor Scot Reinhart said it was un-parliamentary to imply he doesn’t respect people because he voted not to renew the leases.  Reinhart was reacting to deputy mayor Luc Cyr’s words who stressed it was the decision of council that showed a lack of respect and not any individual councillor.  Reinhart wanted Mayor Dan Marchisella rule on his objection and that’s when the debate got sidetracked.

Marchisella told Reinhart that in the 18 months he’s been mayor, the councillor has never referred to him as Your Worship or Mr. Mayor.  Marchisella said he’s let it go for this long but before he could say anything else Reinhart interrupted on a point of order prompting Marchisella to tell Reinhart, the councillor was out of order.  In response, Reinhart said he has called Marchisella Mr. Mayor.  The matter ended when Marchisella said the deputy mayor was expressing an opinion and was not attacking Reinhart.

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