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Mantha: Budget needs to be re-worked


New Democrat Mike Mantha says Monday’s budget fails in so many areas that the Liberals should take it back and re-work it.  The MPP for Algoma Manitoulin says one area where the budget misses the mark entirely is electricity rates.  Mantha says he understands the need to lower the deficit.  And he believes this is possible by capping CEO salaries and eliminating corporate tax giveaways so there’s more money in the coffers.  Mantha is also taking exception to how the Liberals are using experts to promote Monday’s budget.  One of those experts is Fred Hahn, the president of CUPE, and the Liberals portray the union leader as supporting the budget.  But Mantha says Hahn’s comments are taken out of context.   He says they took one positive comment he made about the budget but ignored everything else.  Mantha says Hahn is very concerned about job cuts the Liberals may introduce because those cuts will affect his members.

Mike Mantha


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