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The GLOBAL REPORT – need a parking permit?

Applying for a parking permit speeds up
The latest step in the provincial government’s digital drive means those needing accessible parking
permits will be able to apply online.
Until now, Ontarians with a disability had to apply for the permits by mail, or by attending a Service Ontario location and the process could take up to seven weeks.
By allowing applications online, the government is reducing the period to three weeks.
The same medical information and documents must be submitted to qualify.

Record immigration this year
The federal government says it’s on target to surpass its goal of granting permanent residency to more than 430 thousand immigrants this year.
Federal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser says the first six months of this year have already seen 275 thousand applications approved.
Fraser says there has been a record number of applications and demand is exceeding processing capabilities.
He plans to hire 12 hundred new staff to help clear the backlog.

Eliminating cannabis edibles
The authors of a study on cannabis edibles in Canada say more action must be taken to prevent children from being accidentally poisoned.
The study has found that the number of children admitted to hospitals for cannabis overdoses jumped significantly in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia after edible products were introduced in 2020.
However, there was no correspondent increase in Quebec, which has not permitted the products to be sold.
They say protections like child-proof containers aren’t working and believe candy-like products should be banned.

Taiwan spends money on defence
The Taiwanese government has announced a record-high defence budget, in the wake of massive Chinese military exercises around the self-governed island.
Tensions remain high following the visit of U-S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier this month.
Spending on the military will increase 13 percent next year, to almost 14 billion dollars, U-S.
There will also be a separate spending envelope for the purchase of new fighter jets and naval vessels.
China claims Taiwan as its own and has ramped up tensions in recent months.

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