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The GLOBAL REPORT … election deadline, health care, and update your apple

Today is the deadline to run for municipal council and school boards
Returning officers will be busy today finalizing registered candidates for municipal councils and school boards.
Today is the deadline for any individuals interested in running as a councillor or trustee in the province’s 444 municipalities.
Unorganized areas will also host elections for local representatives.
This year’s municipal election is set for Monday, October 24th.

Health care plans for Ontario
Critics say they’re troubled by the Ontario government’s latest plans to ease the crunch at hospitals across the province.
The Conservatives’ plan will see the hiring of thousands more workers, the transfer of long-term care patients from hospitals to facilities outside their home areas, and funding of more OHIP-covered services at private medical facilities.
The Ontario Nurses Association says the proposals will “line the pockets” of healthcare investors while not boosting the number of nurses working in public health care facilities.
The opposition New Democrats say the move will allow private operators to pick and choose their patients, creating two levels of health care.
They’re concerned by the government’s failure to mention Bill 124, which has limited public-sector wage increases to one percent annually.
That, they say, is why nurses and other medical staff are leaving their jobs.

Russia says no to demilitarizing nuclear plant area
Russia has rejected a call to demilitarize the area around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.
The plant, located in southern Ukraine, has been occupied by Russian forces since March but is still being operated by Ukrainian workers.
Russia and Ukraine have traded accusations that the other side is planning to stage an attack on the plant, then blame the other for what could be a nuclear disaster.
U-N Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says any damage to the plant would be “suicide.”

Update your Apple … now
If you have an iPhone in your pocket or purse or an Apple computer product at home you should update your operating system immediately.
Apple says it’s discovered a massive hole in its system that would allow unscrupulous hackers to control your device completely.
The opening would allow a hacker to impersonate the device’s owner, and run any software in their name.
The company says it is aware of some reports that the vulnerability has already been exploited.

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