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The GLOBAL REPORT – striking the right balance and more …

Possible education strike vote

The union representing 55 thousand Ontario school support staff plans to hold meetings across the province on August 22nd to consider whether to hold a strike vote.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees represents early childhood teachers, administrative staff, and custodians.

It says the move doesn’t necessarily mean a strike vote will be held but they want to be prepared for the future.

The union has been in talks with the provincial government since early July, and several more sessions have been scheduled.

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It’s been asking for an 11.7 percent wage hike.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce says the union should worry more about negotiating a new contract, rather than considering a strike vote.

Conservatives and clickbait politics

Former B-C Liberal premier Christy Clark is calling on moderate Conservatives to end the cycle of what she calls “clickbait politics” which she says is tearing the country apart.

Speaking at a Conservative conference in Edmonton, Clark says the federal Conservatives are racing for the “extremes” and moving towards the “edge of the political divide.”

She says “clickbait politicians” are trying to exploit and play to our “worst instincts.”

Clark says Conservatives must stop thinking that opposing opinions are dangerous because they’re different.

The federal Conservative party will announce the winner of its leadership race on September 10th.

Demilitarization of nuclear power plant

The United Nations is calling for the demilitarization of a zone around one of Europe’s largest nuclear power plants in southeastern Ukraine.

U-N Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the move would alleviate the threat of a major catastrophe.

Ukraine and Russia have each accused each other of shelling the plant over the past week.

So far, no dangerous breaches have occurred.

Search on Trump’s property

The U-S Justice Department is asking the courts to unseal the warrant used by FBI agents to raid the Florida home of former U-S President Donald Trump earlier this week.

Such warrants usually remain confidential but U-S Attorney-General Merrick Garland says Trump himself made the raid public.

Garland says, in the wake of attacks by Republicans over the raid, the public has a right to know what the FBI was seeking.

Several media reports say they were searching for confidential documents dealing with American nuclear weapons.

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