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The GLOBAL REPORT … ghost guns, live fire and so much more …

Ford says feds need to pay out more on health care
Premier Doug Ford says Ontario isn’t alone when it comes to hospital unit closures.
Ford says hospitals around the world are currently dealing with staffing shortages.
He says the government is dealing with the situation by hiring more than ten-thousand new healthcare workers, as well as adding 31 hundred new beds.
Ford adds provinces across Canada need more financial support from the federal government to help address issues like this.
He says it’s not a sustainable situation when Ottawa is only paying 22 percent of the total health care bill.
The premiers have demanded that be raised to 35 percent.

Conservative debate a low-key affair
Three of the five federal Conservative leadership candidates made their final push for support during last night’s third and final debate.
Jean Charest, Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber appeared together around a small table in a low-key session that was dominated by a discussion of rebuilding and reuniting the party.
The other two candidates had refused to attend.
Pierre Poilievre said he’d rather concentrate on getting out the vote, while Leslyn Lewis maintained that the debate must raise issues like abortion.
Charest, a former federal cabinet minister and Liberal premier of Quebec, says the contest isn’t over yet.
He notes that less than one-quarter of the 670-thousand party members have sent in their ballots.
The party is to announce the winner on September 10th.

China holds live-fire military exercises
China launched an unprecedented round of live-fire military exercises around the island of Taiwan today, following the visit of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U-S House of Representatives.
The exercises will last until Sunday.
Taiwan’s government says it will react accordingly and accused China of violating international law by staging the manoeuvers in and over busy shipping lanes.
China claims Taiwan as its own, and Pelosi’s visit has caused outrage.
China’s foreign minister calls her one-day stopover an “irresponsible and highly irrational” act.

Ghost guns made on 3-D printers
Two men have been arrested, after the discovery of so-called “ghost guns” in B-C.
The Canada Border Services Agency says they discovered firearms parts in international mail arrivals during the spring and followed up with raids on two locations.
Officers found several handguns that had been printed with 3-D printers.
Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says these ghost guns pose a “serious risk” because they’re easy to make and almost impossible to trace.

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