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The GLOBAL REPORT – shooting at elementary school, schools reopening and more …

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Shooting at Texas elementary school
An emotional Joe Biden is calling for new restrictions on firearms, in the wake of the latest mass shooting in the U-S.
A teenage gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at an elementary school in the south Texas town of Uvalde yesterday, before being shot and killed by police.
The U-S president says it’s time for people to stand up against the powerful gun lobby, asking why Americans are willing to live with this carnage.
Investigators say they don’t yet know what motivated the shooter, an 18-year-old student at a local high school, to open fire.

Storm aftermath continues
Undamaged schools with power are reopening in eastern Ontario today, in the wake of Saturday’s massive storm, but tens of thousands of homes and businesses remain without power across southern Ontario and western Quebec.
Ottawa’s mayor still wants people to work from home, with many roads in the capital still shut down due to fallen power lines and debris.
The line of thunderstorms left ten people dead across the region, most killed by falling trees.
Environment Canada confirms that the town of Uxbridge, about 50 kilometres northeast of Toronto, was struck by an E-F-2 tornado, with maximum winds of 195 kilometres an hour.

Battle continues in Ukraine
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia’s offensive against the eastern Donbas region continues to escalate, with the invaders aiming to destroy everything in their path.
The latest Russian moves are an attempt to encircle Ukrainian forces southeast of Kharkiv in the industrial heartland.
Zelensky again pleaded for more heavy weapons from western nations, saying they’re the “best investment” to prevent further Russian aggression.

First Nation fighting new Quebec language law
First Nations in Quebec are vowing to battle the provincial government, following the passage of new language legislation.
Bill 96 will compel immigrants to communicate with the government entirely in French six months after their arrival, limit the enrolments in English-language colleges, and shift the rules for deciding how many judges must be bilingual.
Indigenous groups say the changes will weaken the teaching of their languages, and cause a “cultural genocide” in their communities.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government has “some concerns” about the new law, but won’t detail what those concerns are.


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