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Domtar buys massage chairs for health care staff

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Domtar’s Espanola Mill received a request from the Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre for a donation to assist in purchasing massage chairs.

According to the request made by the hospital, it was explained that the hospital staff had been working diligently over the past two years and the latest Covid-19 variant had been especially tough.

Hospital publicist Terri Noble says the hospital was continuously working short-staffed as more people were off sick taking a toll on all employees.

The mill provided the hospital foundation with a $6,000 donation to cover the cost of two massage chairs, which staff considers a Godsend in taking a break and relaxing when downtime is needed.

The chairs have been well received by staff. Some of their comments are below.

  • I have certainly benefited from the massage chairs.  I often have lower back pain and in the short time that we’ve had the chairs, I’ve seen an improvement.   Thanks, Domtar!  We really appreciate it ~ Monique, MLT, Laboratory
  • I appreciate Domtar’s involvement in helping us participate in our own well-being by providing us with some much-needed equipment for self-care. It is important in life to take opportunities to focus on self-care and self-reflection. Thank you, Domtar! For providing us with these chairs that offer us a space to relax and feel in the moment.  Brent, Tier II Tech, I.T
  • With this job being so physically demanding, it is very nice to have somewhere to relax and get a quick massage. ~ Shawna, PSW LTC
  • I have noticed that my legs and feet are not swelling on the days I use the chairs ~ Avery, RN Emerge & Acute
  • These chairs are a very nice expression of gratitude.  They are used and enjoyed frequently during breaks and lunches by many staff members.  Thank you, Domtar! ~Kelly, MLT Laboratory
  • They are amazing!! I want one for my house! Thank you ~ Chelsey, RN, FHT
  • Fantastic chairs!!! Comfy, once you get in, you don’t want to get out!! ~Tara RN, Emerge/Acute
  • love them… want one…~ Debbie, PSW, LTC
  • Best idea yet! During a regular workday or even a stressful day, if I have a moment, I sit on the chairs to escape. Thank you so much! ~Mireille, MRT/DMS Diagnostic Imaging
  • The head and neck features are my fav! What relief after sitting at a desk all day. Marlo, Manager, Human Resources


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