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Russian forces continue to bomb and shell several cities in Ukraine today but Ukrainian officials say the offensive has slowed significantly.

Russia is offering to open two humanitarian corridors for people in the cities of Sumy and Mariupol

to flee, they’re being allowed to go wherever they like.

A Russian proposal to evacuate more civilians directly to Russia or its ally, Belarus, was rejected yesterday by Ukraine’s government.

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So far, more than 1.7-million Ukrainians have fled their homeland.

Russian officials are warning the price of oil could double to more than 300 dollars a barrel if nations cut off their supplies of Russian energy.

The warning comes as the United States considers banning Russian oil imports.

America’s European allies have been reluctant to make such a move since they’re much more dependent on Russian energy supplies.

There are fears that the Russian supply of natural gas could be cut off.

Russia supplies 40 percent of the natural gas used in Europe

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