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Russia invades Ukraine, world leaders express outrage

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FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Russian troops and tanks are on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv today.
The capital has come under renewed rocket and air attack on Day Two of the Russian invasion, and Ukrainian military officials say “spies and saboteurs” have infiltrated to within a few kilometres of the centre of the city.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr has issued a call for all able-bodied civilians to take up arms in defence of the country.
He says sanctions won’t be enough to halt the Russian attack.
Western nations have responded with a series of sanctions against Russian banks, airlines, and individuals, as punishment for the invasion of Ukraine.
Here in Canada, the federal government has suspended all Russian export permits, and is levying financial penalties against 58 individuals and entities, including members of Russia’s elite, and banks.
However, they have yet to restrict Russia from the SWIFT banking network, the worldwide system that banks use to make transactions.
U-S President Joe Biden says that’s still an option.
Such a move would cripple Russian banking access to the rest of the world.
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of dozens of Russian cities yesterday to protest President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.
Several popular entertainment and sports stars also went on-line to show their displeasure with the invasion.
This comes despite an explicit warning from the Russian government that dissent would not be tolerated.
Human rights monitors say Russian police arrested more than 16-hundred demonstrators in 53 cities.

ORIGINAL: Dozens of explosions have gone off in cities across Ukraine, as Russia’s invasion began earlier Thursday morning.  Massive missile attacks have targeted several points, including the capital of Kyiv.

Ukrainian officials say Russian troops and tanks have crossed the border at several points in the east and south, with naval forces landing in the Black Sea port city of Odessa.  Ukraine’s president has declared martial law, calling it a full-scale invasion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says it’s a “special operation” to secure rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine which he’s recognized as independent nations.

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Meanwhile, world leaders are expressing outrage over Russia’s action.

Leaders are vowing stricter sanctions for Russia and NATO has said it will defend every ally against any attack. But that did not include a promise of military force to defend Ukraine as the country is not a NATO member.

The only country that did not condemn the attack was China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened any country that tries to interfere will see consequences the world has never seen.


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