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A little quieter in Ottawa

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Canada’s capital city will be pushing three bylaw fines to $1,000 to clamp down on the Freedom Convoy protest.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has asked the Chief Justice of Ontario to increase fines for many unlawful acts witnessed in the downtown core.

Watson says the city’s Chief Bylaw Officer has confirmed to him that the Chief Justice of Ontario will bring in the changes as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ottawa Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying two people that started a fire inside an apartment building in the city.

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Video has surfaced online, and police are now investigating the incident as arson.

It was the quietest night in Ottawa in almost two weeks.

Horns blared by truckers and their supporters demonstrating against vaccine mandates died away to a much lower level overnight, after a judge issued an injunction banning their use for the next ten days.

The request for the ban came from a class-action lawsuit launched against the demonstrators with the judge saying taking away the use of their horns will not affect their right to protest.

As the occupation of downtown Ottawa continues into its 12th day, the city is asking for an additional 18-hundred police officers from other jurisdictions to help control the situation.

Watson, says everything must be done to take back control from the hooliganism and criminal activity that has dominated the city’s streets downtown.

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