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Virus affecting availability of school bus drivers

A school bus consortium says the COVID-19 Omicron virus is affecting their availability of drivers.

Sudbury Student Services Consortium executive director Renee Boucher says the virus is affecting their operations adding if anyone who is symptomatic or who lives with someone who is symptomatic, cannot go to work.

She says school bus drivers, like everyone else in the education sector, must complete the Ministry of Education Screening, and must follow the specific steps.

She says they are doing their best to fill the routes, but with drivers not always available due to the virus, some parents have had to find other means to get their children to school affecting transportation throughout the Sudbury and Manitoulin districts including our local area.

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Boucher adds the school bus operators are hiring new drivers either full-time or as replacements and anyone interested can contact the operators directly.

School bus operators can be contacted directly by phone.

Greater Sudbury Area:

Leuschen Brothers Limited             (705) 674-0708
Northway Bus Lines            (705) 897-1281

Manitoulin Island Area:

AJ Bus Lines (705) 368-0262
Carl Brown Bus (705) 859-3474

Espanola/Massey Area:

Veteran’s Transportation (705) 869-2250
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