Community Satisfaction Surveys evaluating Ontario Provincial Police are currently underway in the Northeast Region.

Constable Rob Lewis says the surveys are to solicit public opinions about the services Ontario Provincial Police detachments deliver to communities throughout the region.

He says the survey is a mixed-method survey conducted with members of the public living in randomly selected households in areas policed by the detachments, takes about 10 minutes to complete and is strictly voluntary.

Lewis says selected households will be mailed a survey invitation letter that will provide a web address and unique code for completing the survey online or by phone.

He says issues such as community security, perceptions of crime and youth issues in the community, OPP presence in the community, service delivery and even how the OPP investigates crime and enforces the law is all part of the survey.

The information provided by those surveyed is being collected by a research consultant, R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd., which has been retained by the Ministry of the Solicitor General. The information is treated confidentially and the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of those surveyed will not be included in the survey results provided to the OPP.

Once the survey is complete, the results will be used in the OPP’s Business and Action plans, as well as the Annual Report. The information will also be useful in helping OPP’s Northeast Region set out goals and objectives to improve on the services it delivers to communities across the Region.

The Northeast Region detachment surveys have been sent out by mail. Data for the annual Provincial Community Satisfaction Survey will also be collected during this time.