Five children from Sudbury are living with their aunt in Webbwood after the death of their mother due to complications from pneumonia in early January.

That loss comes after the children lost their father to a heart attack in December 2020.

Two of the kids — Skye Kenny, 15, and her sister Maddison, 13 — both attended St. Charles College an two of their teachers decided to create a Go Fund Me page.

The fund is intended to help their aunt, Amy Kennedy, with costs associated with taking in the two girls and their three siblings: six-year-old twins Wyatt and Chase, and Gage, age 11.

So far the page has raised more than $8,000, but that’s not the only support they have received from the community.

“I would also like to thank Home Hardware in Espanola,” says Kennedy. “They donated a lot of lumber and drywall and doors so we could make bedrooms. The Lion’s Club in Espanola, they donated $1,000 in Giant Tiger gift cards.”