It’s been three years since the Ontario Provincial Police took over policing in Espanola and now the talks begin on a new contract.

OPP Sergeant Kelly Withrow, the Municipal Policing Specialist, presented council with the OPP Transition Contract and Billing Model on which councillors will base their decision.

She provided an overview of policing throughout Ontario and how the town will transition to a contract for services.

CAO Allan Hewitt says council voted to sign a Sec 5.1 non-contract with the OPP until the new Community Safety and Policing Act comes into effect which is expected to be the Spring of 2022.

He says at the November meeting, he will provide information about savings from the last three years as well as potential costs to maintain OPP services in the town.

Hewitt adds the town’s Community Safety Plan will also be released this week and some of the content could affect the OPP process.