A look at the local numbers

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is reporting one new case of COVID-19 in the Greater Sudbury area.

Considering resolved cases, the agency says there are 26 active cases within its jurisdiction.

Health Sciences North is reporting there are 12 admitted patients, six who have tested positive for the virus and six who are waiting for test results.

Of the 12, four are in intensive care.

Algoma Public Health is reporting no new cases of COVID-19..

Considering resolved cases, the health unit says there are four active cases in the Algoma District.

Both the individuals in the hospital are from outside the district, but receiving medical care locally.

Ontario added less than 500 new COVID-19 cases yesterday (Tuesday).

The province added 469 which is the fewest number of daily cases since late September.

The recovery rate is at 97 per cent with more recoveries than new cases reported.


Push to reopen the borders

Canada’s tourism industry is calling on Ottawa to plan for reopening the Canada-U.S. border.

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada kicked off the campaign calling on Canadian decision-makers to acknowledge the urgent need and to commit to a date to open the border, before another summer tourism season is lost.

TIAC is asking the feds to take urgent action on this issue, so that Canadian tourism operators and businesses, many of which rely on advance bookings, have the time to retrain, rehire and advertise. Non-essential travel between the U.S and Canada has been suspended since March 21st, 2020.


A post-pandemic world will be different

The workforce may look very different post-pandemic.

A survey by Angus Reid shows two-thirds of those polled either want to work in a hybrid model of working remotely and in the office or full-time at the office only if their commute is less than 15 minutes.

Some of the perks people identified about working from home include more time to prepare healthy meals, more time to exercise, and less money spent on clothing.