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Epilepsy Awareness at Elliot Lake school

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Epilepsy Awareness Month will be capped off with the declaration of Epilepsy Day at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Elliot Lake next week.

Principal Andrew Chi says the school has seven epileptic students, so the school is a seizure-free zone with no flashing lights, even on shoes or toys, as well as special Led lighting to facilitate the seizure-free designation.

Chi says city Mayor Dan Marchisella will officially declare Epilepsy Day on March 26th and students will march to city hall on Monday to raise the Epilepsy flag.

Students are also raising funds for Seizes Sudbury & Epilepsy Canada, as well as taking part in in-class learning about epilepsy.

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They have been raising awareness through Epilepsy Shirts- “Epilepsy messed with the Wrong Mojo” referring to one of our students who suffer from Epilepsy.

Last year, prior to the COVID shutdown they were able to purchase an Epilepsy Toque for every student in the school.

Chi says thank you to various businesses that supported their initiatives including ELNOS, Retirement Living, Weirs, Knights of Columbus, Women’s Catholic League, Canadian Tire, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Parent Council and Sariches.

Below is some information about Epilepsy the school will be sharing next week with students:

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder caused by malfunctioning nerve cell activity in the brain.  These malfunctions cause episodes called seizures.   It is diagnosed when a person has had at least two seizures that are not part of any other medical condition.

Did you Know:

More people live with Epilepsy than with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy combined,

Over 260,000 Canadians are affected by Epilepsy or a seizure disorder and 65 million worldwide,

  • 50-60% of cases have no known cause,
  • each day an average of 38 people learn they have epilepsy,
  • Epilepsy is a chronic condition lasting for years or even a lifetime.
  • There are 40 different types of seizures,
  • more people die from seizure-related causes than breast cancer,

*Loosen tight clothes around the neck,

*put something small and soft under the head.

When to call 911

  • Seizure last longer than 5 minutes,
  • A person does not return to their usual state,
  • A person is injured, pregnant or sick,
  • Repeated seizures,
  • First-time seizure,
  • Difficulty breathing,
  • Seizures occur in water.

DO NOT restrain or put any objects in their mouths.

Rescue medication can be given if prescribed by a health care professional.


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