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Espanola council approves design plans for bridge

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The Black Creek Bridge replacement project is moving forward.

Espanola council has unanimously agreed to have the final detailed design plans completed for $208,000.

This process is expected to take 17 weeks and construction is estimated at 12-16 weeks.

It is anticipated that the full cost of the design and construction can be 100% funded by the Ontario Community Infrastructure Funding allocations as there are approximately three years outstanding for a total of $819,500.

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This project will also fall under the 2021 municipal budget.

 Black Creek bridge was rehabilitated in 2006. It should be noted that only light repairs could be completed on the cribbing and that the steel
beams and Girders remained as well.
 2016 Bridge Inspection report, from EXP, forecasted bridge replacement in 2022-2026.
 Bridges have mandatory inspection requirements and the bridge was reinspected in the fall of 2020. The report concluded that the bridge
was at the end of life needs and needs immediate replacement. The report also noted that any observed deterioration should immediately
close the bridge to all traffic.
 Council approved a hydrology study. The study would help determine design parameters and determine if an Environmental assessment
would be needed.
 It was determined that an Environmental Assessment (EA) would not be needed saving the municipality approximately $145,000 in the cost
of an EA.

 RVA has submitted a proposal for the Engineering Services in the sum of $208,000. This price includes the following.
1. Topographic Survey for the creation of drawings.
2. Geotechnical Investigation for determining soil types and structural capacity.
3. Milestone meeting with the Corporation to evaluate design options.
4. Assist with the Public information to advise and discuss with stakeholders that may be affected by the replacement of the bridge.
5. Consult and seek any necessary approvals from MECP/MNRF/DFO these consultations could impact design.
6. Detailed design specifications and tender.
7. Contract Administration and site supervision.

 This investment doesn’t include actual bridge construction costs. The inspection report suggested a new bridge estimate $4 ,500/m2 or $210,000. However, until the detailed design is complete staff will update the council.………

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