A detailed review of the public transit system in Elliot Lake will be carried out thanks to funding from both the feds and the Ontario government.

City CAO Daniel Gagnon says the funding will be coming from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan under the auspices of the Public Transit Infrastructure Stream.

He says the wants to provide a more reliable and higher quality service by the Elliot Lake Transit System, so the funding will ensure they can carry out a detailed plan and design for the existing routes and services, as well as a comprehensive capital review.

He adds that information will be used to provide new route development and schedules to meet community needs.

Gagnon says the is eligible for $937,000 to begin the work, which will begin soon.

He says the Capital plan will include phased-in purchases for fleet, onboard equipment for

tracking/accessibility, rehabilitation of existing stop structures for improved accessibility,

and installation of new structures for new or existing stops on routes.

Gagnon emphasizes the scope of the project includes the entire Elliot Lake Transit system including both

Conventional and Specialized. The project will begin with a detailed review of existing transit routes and stops as well as provide a detailed design of a new route system and capital to implement the system to improve access for all those in the community.
Gagnon adds the expected outcomes are better service for community needs including new maps, comprehensive capital plan for scheduled rehabilitation of existing shelters, installation of new shelters (estimated 25-50), new fleet to meet new route/demand (5), and tracking/reservation hardware/software (5). These expected outcomes are estimates until such time the review would be completed.

The breakdown in funding includes all three levels of government. Gagnon provided the details.

Total eligible project costs: $937,500 (including 25% contingency as recommended for capital projects escalating over multiple years)

Total project funding:

Federal (40%) $ 375,000

Provincial (33.33%) $ 312,469

Municipal (26.67%) $ 250,031

Total $ 937,500


He adds as reported to Council, the City may use the gas tax funds that are for transit towards their own contribution. Over the span of the project the Municipalities Contribution would be just over $83,000 per year whereas the gas tax funds for transit have historically averaged around $120,000 annually, therefore does not require additional taxation to implement.