Children are back to school with one week down and several to go. Ironing out busing, seating and new routines were the big focus this week, and likely will continue to be for some time.
Paul de la Riva with Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon shares some of the photos of children at various local area schools getting back into the ‘school’ routine.
Kindergarten students at École Sainte-Anne in Spanish were offered a smooth entry to school and classroom learning. Students were looking forward to seeing their friends and teachers and were very eager to pursue their learning. Among the highlights of the week was the possibility to take part in various fun learning activities.
Staff members at École l’Alliance St-Joseph (Chelmsford) took a great deal of pleasure in welcoming students and to renewing their contact with them. Teachers and educators, committed to ensuring that the return to school was a great success, offered a warm and personal welcome. Among teachers who went all out in greeting their students, we note both grade 4 teachers, Mme Renée Coutu and Mme Francine Branconnier who always display a great deal of enthusiasm towards their students.
And there was also another bright greeting from Notre-Dame in Hamner.