A long-time position with the Town of Espanola has been eliminated by Espanola council.

Espanola Mayor Jill Beer says long-time administrative clerk, Angela Kelly will be missed when she retires next month.

Beer says with over 30 years of experience, Angela is a valuable member of staff and with her retirement will take a large knowledge base out of the organizations.

The mayor says in terms of council choosing not to replace Kelly’s position, it was discussed in camera on June 2nd.

Beer, who voted to retain the position, was supported by councillors Sandra Hayden and Bill Foster.

Councillors Ray Dufour, Ken Duplessis and Maureen Vanalstine opposed the motion to retain the position.

With Councillor Heather Mallott absent that evening, the motion ended in a tie, so it was defeated, explains Beer.

All councillors were contacted by the Moose via their official emails and at this time none have responded as to why they voted the way they did.

Meanwhile, town CAO Cynthia Townsend says the full impact is unknown at this moment, but it will most likely mean reduced hours, the loss of some services while other services may be provided by appointment only.

Townsend adds she expects to release more details in the coming weeks.

Kelly officially retires July 17th.