Protocols are in place to deal with COVID-19 at EACOM Timber Corporation’s Nairn Centre Sawmill, the second-largest industrial company in the North Shore.

EACOM President and CEO, Kevin Edgson, says the recent border closure with the United States excludes lumber as it is considered a critical good and it must continue to be supplied.

That said, Edgson says they have response teams in place at all their operations, including Nairn Centre, who will deal with the day-to-day decisions based on what is best for employees.

He adds they have also been working closely with local health authorities to ensure all recommendations are in place, including sanitization stations and physical distancing.


 WEBSITE: We are following official recommendations, some of which include:

·         Suspending all business travel (including upper management and inter-mill travel);

·         Requiring employees to self-isolate if they meet any of the risk factors or present symptoms;

·         Secure procedure for our inbound and outbound truckers;

·         Restricting site visitors to those with a valid business reason and requiring visitors to sign a self-declaration form;

·         Safety Tool Box meetings every day to review best practices and new measures;

·         Enhanced cleaning protocols for all common areas and deployment of hand sanitizer;

·         Emphasizing social distancing and proper hygiene, as prescribed by the World Health Organization; and

·         Implementing work-from-home arrangements, conference call meetings, the elimination of group gatherings, and staggering breaks where possible.

“This situation is unprecedented in living memory, things are changing rapidly, and we are communicating with employees frequently. To get through it, we are counting on our team members to work together, look out for each other, and be thoughtful of their actions,” adds Edgson. “EACOM is committed to keeping our employees safe while maintaining our operations and continuing to be a vital economic driver in our communities.”