Maplegate Elliot Lake Women’s group is hoping the city council will provide an additional $20,000 to cover the operational cost for a new building to house men.

Maplegate Executive Director Melody Rose says they have a purchase offer for a men’s shelter as transitional housing.

She says they have secured a purchase offer on a building they would like to move the men’s shelter into and keep it as a six-bed shelter, but most importantly, it would provide 22 transitional housing units for the community.

She adds the revenue coming from the transitional housing will cover the cost of having the men’s shelter in the building, which is financially more stable for them and is part of their strategy for growth.

The city already agreed to provide $10,000 per year over a three-year period as part of its budget last year, but the additional $20,000 ask has to be dealt with separately.

The request will be discussed at the February 24th meeting of the council.