Two days of bargaining talks did not last a full day with the Ontario government and a teacher’s union.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association says discussions with the government and the Association broke down after only half a day of talks yesterday.

OECTA President Liz Stuart says the Ministry of Labor-appointed conciliator agrees there is not much more they can accomplish for the time being.

With no deal being reached, she says union members will be taking administrative job action beginning Monday, January 13.

Catholic teachers will not be participating in EQAO-related activities or participating in Ministry of Education initiatives, among other things.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce says the government is calling on the union focus on reaching a deal that provides stability for students.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s elementary school teachers say they will launch a series of rotating strikes beginning January 20th if there is no significant progress is contract talks with the provincial


The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) said its members will also begin work-to-rule action on Monday, Jan. 13.

The union said the moves are necessary because the province has not made any concessions at the bargaining table.