Trudeau and Trump Meet

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with U.S. President Donald Trump today.

They are in London for a two-day NATO Summit.

The PM and American President are expected to discuss Canada’s spending on the military.

Trump has accused other NATO countries of not spending enough on defence and has threatened to scale back U.S. involvement.

It is likely Trudeau will highlight Canada’s involvement in Ukraine where 200 Canadian soldiers are
helping train the countries’ military.


Using the food bank

The number of people in Ontario with full or part-time jobs relying on food banks has jumped considerably.

Feed Ontario, the organization that oversees Ontario’s food banks says the number of people with jobs using food banks is up to 27-percent in a year.

The group says labour conditions make it difficult for people to make ends meet with precarious or short term jobs leading them to have a hard time covering basic necessities at the end of the month.


Hottest decade ever

This decade is set to be the hottest in history.

That’s according to an annual assessment from the United Nations on climate change and how it is outpacing humanity’s ability to adapt.

So far this year global temperatures are 1-point 1 degree Celsius above the pre-industrial average making 2019 one of the top three warmest years ever recorded.

Manmade emissions from burning fossil fuels, transporting goods, growing crops and building infrastructure has this year set to break the record for atmospheric carbon concentrations.