The Education Director and Secretary-Treasurer of the Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon, Lyse-Anne Papineau, is retiring.

First appointed to the position in 2008, Papineau has also worked as a teacher, curriculum consultation, school principal and more.

In her role as director, she has developed and implemented an ambitious multi-year strategic plan, which also includes the building of the two double school in Espanola, which will house French elementary and secondary students, and English Catholic elementary pupils.

She has worked in the field of education since 1989.

Papineau has also worked as an assistant superintendent and a superintendent.
Recognized for her substantive abilities as an educator, she set high standards for student academic performance upon starting her mandate as Director of Education in addition to focusing her attention on the cultural, spiritual, physical and social development of students.

“Over the course of the last eleven years, I have been blessed by having the great privilege of being able to count on focused and committed school trustees, a skilled management team and dedicated employees who are truly committed to ensuring the success and well-being of our students,” stated Ms. Papineau. “I can promise that no matter where life takes me during my retirement, I will continue to serve as a heartfelt Nouvelon ambassador and remain a steadfast promoter of French-language Catholic education both in Ontario and right across our country.”

“Lyse-Anne Papineau has demonstrated her abiding commitment to providing Nouvelon students with a high-quality French-language Catholic education,” stated CSC Nouvelon President Mr. André Bidal. “Her dynamic leadership enabled our board to stand out at every level by putting Catholic Francophone students at the heart of our decisions. We truly appreciate her long-standing contributions to our students, which have enabled us to provide the best French-language education in our territory.”

Ms. Papineau also had an impact at the provincial level as she chaired the Conseil ontarien des directeurs et des directrices de l’éducation catholique (CODEC), the Comité d’orientation de l’éducation catholique de langue française (COREC), was an executive member of the Council of Directors of Education (CODE), and chair of the Catholic Education Committee and various other provincial bodies.

The Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon intends to begin the process of recruiting a new Director of Education and Secretary-Treasurer in the near future.