Want to check out some awesome homemade recipes? THE 100TH AB ELLIS ANNIVERSARY COOK BOOK is finally here.
Daphne Allen is a prime mover in the campaign to save A.B. Ellis School building from the wrecking ball. Daphne’s anecdote with her recipe was something like this: I wasn’t a student at A.B.Ellis, and I wasn’t a teacher at A.B.Ellis, but I would like to live in one of the 51 apartments at A.B.Ellis in the future.
The 100+ Recipes for 100 Years are now ready and can be purchased at the Espanola Mall this weekend.
They are also available by calling Wendy at 705-869-1137.

The Save AB Ellis PS Committee held a 100th Anniversary Tea last weekend where the new cookbook was introduced. Photo supplied by 100th Anniversary Committee