A Dunlop Lake resident is furious with the Elliot Lake Fire Department.

Peter Merk wants to know why the Elliot Lake Fire Department did not come out to help put out a fire on the north end of Dunlop Lake 2:45am Sunday morning.

Merk says he helped his neighbor save his cottage home from burning, but a garage and wood shed were burned to the ground.

The property is only accessible by water or snowmachine, but Merk says he talked to Fire Chief John Thomas and was told they would not come out because it was dark and they had no snow-machines.

Merk says he offered to provide snow-machines, but was still refused.

Merk adds the chief did show up eight hours later, but he did not speak to him in person.

City CAO, Dan Gagnon, told The Moose unfortunately, the fire department was unable to respond since it does not have the equipment nor training to safely transport personnel and gear across long distances on frozen, often slushy lakes.

He adds they will have more to say following a briefing this morning (Monday).