A Massey woman who is waiting for a liver transplant has received some financial support from the local community.

Beth Cassidy, who is a well-known musician and an educational assistant at Biidahban School, has a rare liver disease called Wilson’s disease, where her body does not assimilate copper properly.

Her liver failed in December and she is in Toronto hospital waiting for a transplant.

To offset the costs of her family having to travel and other unsupported expenses, the dinner held on Saturday raised $722.

The dinner was a big success with people helping out in so many ways. Brenda Mercecia won the hand-made twig chair made by Ray Owl. Gina Stoneypoint of Sagamok was the assistant chef and Wes McDonald washed dishes the entire time. He also provided the hall and Angel O’Watch took care of things at the door. Kim Stresman and Dee Larouqe helped with meal prep and decorations. Beth sent a message thanking everyone for their support.

A Go Fund Me has also been set up. Go to: https://www.gofundme.com/supporting-my-wife-with-liver-transplant-stay to make a donation.