If you love snowmobiling, the frozen ice trails to Manitoulin Island via Lake Huron can be one of the most interesting since accessing the Island requires a lot of ice.

Enough hard ice has formed in the North Channel for the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs to officially open the trails this Monday.

Some of the most interesting legs is the picket lines running from Little Current through the Wabuno Channel to Whitefish Falls, Gore Bay to Spanish and a brand new picket line, Honora Bay to M’Chigeeng.  However, there is no picketed trail from Sheguiandah to Manitowaning, but riders can access Manitowaning by going the long way around via Sandfield and Tekhummah.

The north link is also open on the North Channel, which links the Island with the trail through to Espanola and Blind River, as well as other mainland trails.