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Espanola Winter Carnival sees record crowds

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The weather couldn’t have been better for the Espanola Winter Carnival bringing people out and about to enjoy the festivities.

The First Annual Boomer Big Air Run was well attended and part of the ski trail was renamed Boomer Park by Mayor Jill Beer to honour the Legacy of Brandon Boomhower, a 21-year-old athlete who passed away in December.

Jordan Wilson was proud to accept top honours as the winner of the event.

One of the most popular events, saw two hundred seniors treated to dinner at the Paul and Hester Memorial Dinner hosted by the Espanola Lions Club assisted by the Espanola Figure Skating Club. Their surviving son, Chris Zahorec’s presentation is below.

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And, the 41st Annual Snowarama raised $9,300 for Easter Seals with 32 riders taking part.

Top Female Fundraiser – Gaetanne Sokoloski          $1,313.00
Top Male Fundraiser – Grant Lewis                           $1,000.00

A big Moose shout out to the many people who contributed photographs of the weekend activities. Check out the album on our Facebook page.

Presentation by Christopher Zahorec: Back Where I Come From
Good evening. I would like to start by saying, Thank You. Thank you to you, the seniors of this community and to those that serve it. Without you, Espanola and the surrounding area that it touches on would not have shined so brightly for me and my friends growing up here. I have been blessed in my life to have traveled many places; far and wide, big cities and small towns. Some may say that Espanola is just a map dot on some black top in the sticks of Northern Ontario. Yes, it may not sound like much, but it’s where I come from.
When asked by those that I meet along my path, I am proud as anyone to say that I was raised in a town where a wooden bench on a Friday night was just as important as a wooden pew on a Sunday morning. Where a person’s word was everything and time passed with amazing grace. Being respectful to others and helping our neighbours was a way of life; Small Town Values not based on personal gain but that of Community Enrichment. Something that you should be proud of to have given the children of Espanola. To follow in the footsteps of my parents and involve myself in the community where I live, as well as my hometown is rewarding.
Something that has become more prevalent during my life’s journey is something that my parents taught me and something I know my Dad valued and lived by while he was a Lions member and supported this community. It may sound simple, but it is not always easy to achieve; Integrity of Character. Something that has recently come into question here and this town has had to endure.
I seek no justification. It’s not part of my story and it offers no comfort those that remain. As a Son of this town, I would like to say to this community and those personally affected; I Am Sorry!
I truly hope that those responsible will take it upon themselves to right where they have wronged. That those who have been affected, are acknowledged; valued and respected. And to the elected officials that represent your interests, reflect on these events and ensure that the faith in those that you represent is restored. We are all equals, we are neighbors, we are a community and we all need to stand together.
As I said before, I am proud as anyone that this is the town where I come from. It is a place that I will always call home and I look forward to seeing it shine once again for the generations that it raises.

Thank you,
Chris Zahorec

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