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Fedeli weighs in on Sudbury bribe allegations

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli believes the Liberals are deleting e-mails over the alleged bribe affair for the Sudbury provincial riding.  Fedeli says the good news is the issue came to light quickly meaning the OPP have time to recover potential evidence.  But he says the bad news is the Liberals may have learned a valuable lesson from the gas plant scandal where they deleted numerous e-mails and as a result are now better at covering their tracks.  Fedeli says when the Liberals held Nipissing, his predecessor Monique Smith used a non government account to talk about the gas plant issue.  He says   came up many times during the scandal at a time when Smith was communicating with then Premier Dalton McGuinty.  Fedeli says bribes are illegal in a democracy and if the allegations are true, it shows the Wynne Liberals will do anything to cling to power.  That’s because Kathleen Wynne knows many Liberals will be retiring before the next election in 2018 election so she’s working on replacements now.  Meanwhile Fedeli wants the Canadian watchdog group Democracy Watch, which champions accountability, to investigate the bribery claims.  As for Sudbury federal New Democrat Glenn Thibeault defecting to the Liberals, Fedeli hopes the public votes against him in a winter by-election.

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