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Hughes tough on Thibeault after defection to Liberals

A Northern Ontario federal New Democrat says Glenn Thibeault’s    decision to run for the provincial Liberals in Sudbury was unexpected.  Carol Hughes admits the move took the party for a loop.  Considering Thibeault makes a lot more as an MP than he would as an MPP, Hughes strongly believes the Liberals are promising him big things.  Assuming he wins the by-election Hughes is confident in saying the Premier will give him a cabinet post.  If he loses, he’ll still be rewarded for his effort and in this instance Hughes believes Thibeault could be named as a deputy minister.  Hughes says what’s surpising about Thibeault’s move is he’s joining a party that’s mired in controversy from the e-health fiasco, re-opening collective agreements and the list goes on to include the Ornge affair and the gas plant scandal.  When the Sudbury by-election is held, Hughes hopes the public votes against Thibeault to protest his decision to jump ship.

Carol Hughes MP Algoma Manitoulin Kapuskasing

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