The First Nairn Centre Unit is made up of Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders … and more are always welcomes.

In place for the last three years, the unit offers youngsters an opportunity to learn different skills, acquire badges, make crafts, and more importantly, make friends and learn life skills.

The Sparks start out at five years old and it goes up from there.

The unit meets every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm at the Nairn Community Centre, unless they are doing something special like visiting CJJM Morning Host, Rosalind Russell, at the Moose 99.3FM CJJM – Espanola studios (psst. we had a blast).

They also sell those delicious cookies. Your classic vanilla/chocolate combo is available in the Spring, the delicious mint in the Fall. The unit will be hosting its Spring Sale in the Espanola Mall from 11:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday, April 6th. If you want to pre-order or want to know more about having your little one join the unit, call Leah at 705-918-0954.