2019 will be a big year for AB Ellis Public School since it is 100 years young.

The school started out as the Espanola Public School back in 1919.
It was renamed the AB Ellis Public School to honour the late Andrew Ellis who served as its principal for 40 years.
The Save AB Ellis Committee has chosen the civic weekend of August 2nd to 4th to mark the milestone.

Volunteers are more than welcome and ideas more so.

For example, the committee is putting together a cookbook with recipes from the last 100 years and submissions are appreciated.

The group will be fundraising by packing groceries at Winkel’s YIG on Friday, January 18, and Saturday, January 19, and again on the third weekends of February and March.

Anyone interested in knowing more or helping out, are welcome to come out on Wednesday evening, January 16, at 7:00pm at the United Church in Espanola.
Born in 1915, Andy emigrated with his family from Hamilton, Scotland as a young boy and settled in Espanola. He met and married Ena in Espanola, where they shared 64 wonderful years together. He died just over a month after her passing in 2006.
Andy’s educational career began at Normal School in North Bay. Later, he graduated from Queens University, Kingston, Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
After only two years of teaching at Espanola Public School, Andy was appointed principal, a position he held for 40 years. Andy’s deep commitment to education continued throughout his life.
He retired at the age of 63, having spent 56 years of his life, both as a student and then as a member of the staff, in the same school building. It was a wonderful tribute that upon his retirement in 1978, the school was renamed the AB Ellis Public School. He was an inspiration to many students and teachers during his long and distinguished career.
A memorial Service was held for the couple on Saturday, June 17, 2006 in the United Church of Espanola with Reverend Cory Vermeer-Cuthbert officiating.

Anyone interested in celebrating AB Ellis and its’ history is encouraged to attend the meeting, contact the committee at heart.of.espanola@gmail.com or call 705-869-1137.