Alexcie Dillen and Dylan Latendresse of Massey are thrilled with the impending arrival of their baby girl, but they are also apprehensive.

Back on February 20th, 21 weeks into her pregnancy, they were told baby Malia has the most severe form of spina bifida there is.

This is when the spinal column fails to close early in fetal development causing damage to the baby’s spinal cord and nervous system and possible other affects.

Alexcie will be travelling to Toronto next weekend and the baby is to be delivered by cesarean section on June 21st.

Doctors will decide what surgery will be needed once the baby arrives.

Since Alexcie will have to stay in Toronto while her baby receives care, the North Shore Cruisers and Knight Cruisers clubs donated $2,600 to the family to offset costs not covered by government or support programs.

The presentation was made last week.

A go fund me has also been set up for the family.

To donate, go to: