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Fedeli: Criminals trying to circument proposed Fentanyl patch Bill

The MPP who is trying to curb the illegal sale of Fentanyl patches says criminals are already trying to circumvent the proposed law. Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says under his proposal, users must return old Fentanyl patches to a pharmacy before being prescribed a new one. But he says criminals are trying to pass off fake patches to pharmacists leaving them to sell the real ones illegally. Some patches are sold for $400 each. Except for the criminal element, response to Fedeli’s Bill is positive. He says pharmacists and police agencies love the idea and some municipalities have started the strategy on their own without waiting for the law. The proposed Bill will go the committe stage next spring assuming it passes second reading at Queens Park.   Fedeli says among other things, one goal of his proposed law is to determine how many people die from Fentanyl overdoses each year adding in North Bay, 15 people have died from the patches since 2007.

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