The filming of a local short film is finished and now it is off to the editing crew.

Jayson Stewart wrote and directed the short film, the Philanthropist.

He says filming took place in Gore Bay this past Saturday and everything went off without a hitch.

Stewart says they had four actors on set and a crew of eight with about 13 hours of film in the can, including all the interior shots.

Then, on Sunday, they shot the outdoor scene with 17 background actors, all local extras, and film principles behind OK Tire in Espanola.

The film is strongly influenced by the surreal worlds of David Lynch of Twin Peaks fame and a lot of Stephen King’s short stories.

The short film features Dylon Whyte, Autumn Buratynski, Heather Stevenson and Liliane Chrétien, all local area actors.

Stewart says for some characters in the film, their problems in life are solved and they walk away with immense riches.
For others, they choose a more sordid life and never return from their meeting with The Philanthropist.

Stewart adds now that we have the filming is done it goes to the editing and sound crews to tweak the film.

He hopes to have a final product done by the end of June.