The Northeastern Ontario Passenger Rail Summit’s will host a number of high profile speakers including President of Transport Action Canada, Bruce Budd, a 40-year-old railroader and entrepreneur, Ken Bitten, and Sylvan Gervais, Bombardier’s Director of Operations and Maintenance for Canada.

Corina Moore, President and CEO Ontario Northland Transportation Corporation, will be the keynote speaker.

Her topic is the story of Ontario Northland’s recent transformation into a leader in transportation and how the company provides vital transportation solutions to Northern Ontario, including passenger rail and freight service between Cochrane and Moosonee and a recently expanded busing network.

The NorthEastern Ontario Passenger Rail Summit takes place April 19th in Sault Ste. Marie at the Quattro Hotel and will be a full day forum to discuss the proposed NorthEastern Ontario Rail Loop.

The Passenger Rail Summit is open to all interested participants, cost is $15 per person to cover lunch.

The NorthEastern Ontario Passenger Rail Summit will be a full day forum to discuss NEORN’s proposed NorthEastern Ontario Rail Loop.

Throughout the day, attendees will hear from another 17 individuals well qualified to speak on the Social and Economic Impacts of Transportation in Northeastern Ontario.

While Northern Ontario faces the challenges created by our current economic times, NEORN is promoting a sustainable approach to supporting economic opportunity in the north.

Innovative, integrative and accessible passenger rail service offers solutions to many of the challenges that are affecting the north’s economic diversity, development and accessibility.

It is vital to the sustainability of northern regions of Ontario that passenger rail services be supported, refurbished and reinstated otherwise the North will become increasingly isolated economically and socially. and on website.