Lead levels in water at area schools are constantly flushed and fixtures tested over a three-year period, according to the Sudbury District Health.

SDU environmental manager, Burgess Hawkins, says lead levels in area schools that are higher than the provincial limit set in the Ontario Drinking Water Guidelines are tested every day.

Hawkins says the lead, which has shown up in the joint school, AB Ellis and Espanola High, S. Geiger in Massey, three Manitoulin Island schools and 27 others in the north east, is not likely from the water source itself, if on municipal water, as this is tested.

He adds flushing is done every day where tests of standing water has shown an exceedance and there is little reason for the public to be overly concerned.

The health unit will continue to monitor the situation for the next three years, but responds to all adverse water notifications.