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Pearson Plaza controversial election issue in Elliot Lake

There’s little doubt that in Elliot Lake a polarizing issue has been the delay in getting a building up to replace the doomed Algo Centre Mall.  This week we talk to the mayoral candidates on this issue and first up is mayor Rick Hamilton.  Hamilton says city council did everything it was required to do to get the site known as the Pearson Plaza ready for construction.  But he says once the developer took over it became a private sector issue.  The plaza has been plagued with delays but through it all Hamilton remains optimistic that it will be built.   He says there’s been no indication from the developer that the plaza will not be built.  Hamilton says residents have told him numerous times the community needs Pearson Plaza.  He says council will do everything it can within its authority to make that happen.  The plaza was supposed to be open last year by Thanksgiving but construction hasn’t even started and isn’t expected to begin until next spring.

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