There is a new habitat area in the works for relocating nuisance elk north of Elliot Lake.

Jim Trottier, a Ministry of Natural Resources and Forest management biologist updated council Tuesday night, the first update in a couple of years.

Back in April, 2001, 47 elk were released north of Iron Bridge and since then have spread out, but are mostly in three areas; Parkinson and Patterson townships, Laird and north of Elliot Lake.

Trottier says their number have grown, but so have the problems, especially with farmers in the Iron Bridge area where they break down fences and eat feed set out for cattle.

To address those concerns, and to develop a strategy for an eventual sustainable hunting strategy, the Lake Huron North Shore Elk Advisory Committee was formed a couple of years ago.

Committee Chair Robin Horwath told council an area is being cleared and stocked with elk edibles on Crown land near Rossmear Lake.

The focus of the committee is to develop the site and then remove nuisance elk and settle them in the new habitat, as well as find the right number for a sustainable harvest.

That is expected to take at least another three years.

It is estimated there is around 125 elk, and the ideal set for hunting would be around 300.

Council thanked them for the presentation.

The committee plans to continue public consultations with the public while moving forward with their mandate.