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Espanola men save suicide victim

The Espanola police are commending two Espanola residents for saving the life of a suicidal man deep in the woods.  Paul Mokohonuk and Bruce Stewart were in their truck on a road near Dearhound Lake when an Espanola police officer flagged them down.  The officer found a set of vehicle tracks along a trail but didn’t get very far in his cruiser because of muddy conditions.  t was now up to the good Samaritans who found a truck with the motor running and a man inside trying to kill himself with the exhaust fumes.  Stewart and Mokohonuk, turned off the ignition and vented the vehicle of the deadly gas.  By this time the OPP arrived and they transported the victim to a waiting ambulance and he’s now recovering in hospital from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Espanola police say if not for the quick action of Mokohonuk and Stewart, the outcome may have been very different.

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