The province wants feedback from northern residents on its transportation strategy.  The proposal would guide the north’s transportation policy for the next quarter century.  The draft can be seen on the Northern Ontario Multimodal Transportation Strategy website where you can also leave feedback.  You have until September 15th to comment.  The goal is to overcome the various transportation obstacles the north faces in rail, road, air and marine.  The strategy is the first of its kind for the province.  In a news release, the province says it outlines the province’s vision and goals for Northern Ontario’s transportation system.   The draft builds on what is currently in place in the north in order to improve the quality of life, maintain vital connections and prepare for new technologies.  It’s also designed to help support investment and business growth for the north.   Information contained in the current draft was collected over a two year period and is made up of technical analysis and feedback from residents of the north.  The strategy is being developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.  The public can comment on the report through an online questionnaire at the multi-modal’s website.